WebTunnel Bridge and Middle Relay on the same IP?

Hello everyone,

I have seen that there is a new webtunnel protocol for bridges available only if you host a website. I wanted to know if its possible to host this webtunnel bridge on the same IP as my middle relay. I would like to do that because I own a few websites at home so it would be easy for me to add one more very easily.

And last question, how many users are currently using the webtunnel protocol ? Are there metrics for this on metrics.torproject.org ?

Thanks ! :onion:

In all likelihood, censors blocked your IP because of the middle relay, so neither your website nor a hypothetical WebTunnel bridge would be reachable from censored areas.

I think WebTunnel is still considered experimental, so there isn’t really metrics about it afaik. And this also mean WebTunnel bridges which are already blocked could actually be somewhat useful, as a way of beta-testing the software, making sure the documentation on deployment works…