Website timed out

hello , i have a question that can help me very much
if anybody knows please tell me

why this website ( ) most of the time cannot load with tor browser ?
( i should click on new identity many time and find which one can connect to this website )
but can be open by other browser like chrome & firefox

& also whats the solution if i want to open it with tor browser or tor network ?

Hi @unknown

Thanks for reaching out to the Tor Project Forum :slight_smile:

The website you mentioned is reachable when the Tor Browser’s security settings are set to ‘Safer’ rather than ‘Safest’.

It’s worth noting that the ‘Safest’ setting “…only allows website features required for static sites and basic services.”

However, I was able to access the website you mentioned using the ‘Safer’ security setting.

You can read more about security settings here:

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