WARNING: Do not use ReliableSite.Net for Tor Exits

For a few months, I ran ~6-9 Gbps of Tor exit capacity on dedicated server host ReliableSite.Net, that with my own ARIN IPv4/IPv6 allocations, mainly due to really cheap Gigabit bandwidth and good peering. This let me have up to 6.5% of exit bandwidth.

Today, I got an email from ReliableSite’s CEO saying “we do not allow Tor”, despite their terms of service not stating anything about it, and all abuse going to my inbox instead of theirs (because of my IPv4 allocations). I did at least get them to commit to updating their TOS.

I am switching to Psychz which has 8 of my exits but will soon have all. Psychz has so-so peering and outside of one offer cost more, but they didn’t at least shut down my Tor exits, that on THEIR IP ranges. Yes, Psychz had one “spam” issue a year ago, but that has since been resolved.

ReliableSite has good peering for a good price but that’s about it: they have clumsy sysadmins, broken IPMI at times, and even once even enabled bridge filtering making it impossible to host VMs (that for something allowed). And no wonder why ReliableSite is so cheap: you can only use them for a squeaky-clean website. They’re only designed for one or two servers. And why you pay $99 for doing crypto stuff. But you get what you pay for.

Maybe that’s why companies like Psychz, OVH, QuadraNet, and DataPacket have the bigger customers. They may charge more for datra, but realize VPN hosts are a good source of revenue and not something to avoid for avoiding “abuse”. ReliableSite doesn’t want them, and is losing out on not just me but massive lucrative VPN provider contracts, unless that’s how they’re cheaper: they want low-use users who want cheap, and secede high-use users to Psychz/OVH.

ReliableSite is almost like Ryanair or Robinhood, maybe with better support: you get cheap and functional but you also compromise on features and availability. That’s why Delta, United, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab aren’t out of business. The same way a day trader won’t use Robinhood, a VPN/Tor operator shouldn’t use ReliableSite.


Maybe it’s be of good use for this page:

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I see it is already added there.

By the way, do anyone knows why all reviews on this page are contained in single section named Good Experiences?

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It was actually yesterday when it merged, but then I live in Seattle and it seems you’re in Russia.

It’s probably some old

On related news, I got an email saying “any update” even when I told ReliableSite I shut off the relays two days ago, moved the IP announcements to Psychz, and cancelled all my RS servers.

ReliableSite is really mismanaged. It’s easier to use even overpriced GoDaddy or Media Temple (that we’ve all forgotten about) hosting at this point.

I have a Community MR to fix this: GoodBadISPs: Remove Good Experiences header (!306) · Merge requests · The Tor Project / Web / community · GitLab


I see there are lots of relays, even exits on RS


A lot of the exits on RS are this: RDP.sh. RDP.sh is a very big RS customer so RDP probably forced RS to let them allow exits, but I’m not nearly as big so they could kick me out.

I remember a MasterCard employee telling me they need their logo on cards, but Chase Bank forced MC to not put a MC logo on the front. It’s similar with RDP and RS.

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RDP.sh doesn’t allow Exit nodes on US locations, only NL and Poland. They also only use RS for their Miami location which is often out of stock. So… they are definitely a lot bigger customers of Hybula/Mevspace. I’m guessing they will get kicked off soon for hosting Tor Exits there.