Video thumbnails on videos I upload on Reddit through Tor Browser is glitchy


I recently started using the Tor Browser, right now running 11.0.13 (which I assume is the latest?) and generally it’s been working pretty well. Works a bit faster than the Brave browser plugin and appears safer too.

I have not tested on that many websites yet but it appears when I post a video file, not photo, just specifically video files to Reddit, the thumbnail is green/glitchy. Video doesn’t show until I actually play the video. I have tried on both Standard and Safer mode, with different video files but it still seems to create this.

I figured, if the video is uploaded, everything would be as normal. I would’ve understood if disabling the javascript or whatever it is that the media uploader on Reddit runs on, that it wouldn’t process at all but it seems like only the thumbnail gets wonky. Same video file works just fine when you do not use the Tor Browser. It even works fine with the Brave browser plugin.

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This is RFP (privacy.resistFingerprinting) randomizing canvas per execution, to protect you.

You can allow a site exception, which will only persist in Tor Browser for your session Identity, see link above


Cheers! What kind of protection do I lose out on by correcting this in layman’s terms?

Due to logging in from a blacklisted semi-public location I was banned from Reddit automatically. So I have to use Tor Browser. Tor plugin in Brave the Reddit system still managed to recognize me through. Don’t worry, I have never been up to anything suspicious, I rarely need an account there but it’s convenient to have an account to contact people and/or post the occasional once per year post.

read the link, with some edits for you

Assuming reddit’s scripts use canvas to fingerprinting you, and assuming their canvas FP script is using a widespread specific canvas test (to be able to help link traffic), this does not compromise your fingerprint - it is a single metric out of possibly hundreds and only on those sites you exempt … and in Tor Browser only on those sites while you have the same Identity

So your use case - open TB, load reddit, allow canvas (from urlbar) + login, upload your vids, get a new Identity or end the session. Your “ID/login” is already linked in the first party, so there’s nothing to worry about there either. Third party doesn’t matter (1 metric only allowed on reddit, for a short time)

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm. Let’s hope Reddit doesn’t track my device now well enough to get me booted again. I had a friend who was in a similar position and after roughly half a year it seems he had been whitelisted to some extent.