Very difficult to create Forum post on mobile phone

Hi there, I was just writing a post under desktop browser support but had to do it from my phone due to inability to log in on my desktop. Unfortunately between the keyboard and four levels of top banners, I can only see two lines of text at a time. And whilst creating my post, my finger accidentally bumped one of the buttons near the edge of the text window and it submitted my post before I was finished. It’s extremely difficult to post a Forum topic from a phone because the Banners at the top take up too much space with the keyboard also visible. The text field is way too small and it’s too easy to accidentally bump the send / create-topic button while composing, thereby accidentally submitting the post with no way to stop it. Is it possible to reduce/hide the number of banners showing while typing, or else place the button differently, make it smaller, or also: create a confirmation before sending to prevent accidental submission? Thank you!

This is mostly something to report to discourse that is the open source software we use for hosting this forum:

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Good point, thanks! :slight_smile:

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