Vanilla relay in Turkmenistan

Happy holidays guys, I wanted to know what the problem might be, the vanilla relay does not want to work in the browser

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Hi, I’m not sure what you mean exactly by vanilla relays.
All relays (which we don’t generally call vanilla) are blocked in Turkmenistan. I don’t think vanilla bridges work in Turkmenistan either.

Some obfs4 bridges work (but many are blocked). You can request obfs4 bridges by emailing, or through Telegram.


Hi, I’m sorry, but mostly they’re the only ones that work.

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They work in the invisible pro application, it seems because it is built on Chromium and not Firefox

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  • Vanilla relay can refer to different things depending on the context. It could be referring to a specific privacy tool, a type of network relay, or something else entirely. Knowing the context will help me narrow down the possibilities.
  • Browser compatibility is important. Not all browsers support all extensions and tools. Make sure that the vanilla relay you’re using is compatible with your browser.
  • Troubleshooting is often a process of elimination. Start by trying the simplest solutions first, such as restarting your browser or computer. If that doesn’t work, you can try more complex solutions such as disabling extensions or reinstalling the software.
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For some reason I didn’t realize about browser incompatibility, thanks for the advice

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Vanilla relays are not working due to distinct Tor application TLS fingerprint, which is blocked by the censor. Once you change the fingerprint (they block based on cipherlist), it would work.

That’s not true, about 50 out of 7000 are reachable, and work pretty fine in general.

Probably because it either has different fingerprint (either indirectly due to different OpenSSL version / cipher support configuration during compilation, or explicitly).


You’re right. I have used your idea. feat: use chrome ciphers (e2926dc4) · Commits · Gedsh / Tor · GitLab

And with the built-in bridge scanner, which is also your idea, Tor can be used from Turkmenistan without any problems. InviZible is actually used by thousands of users from Turkmenistan, mostly with vanilla bridges.