V2 onion support

I understand that v2 support has been removed for the tor service and the tor browser but the v2dir flags still stand for relays so v2 onions are still accessible with an older client. The date for removing support to access these sites has had the date moved many times and tor project says support has been removed in October 2021 and articles say they are no longer available but they still are in reality. When will support truly be removed?

As the Tor network is decentralized, there isn’t a kill switch. It will depend on relay operators upgrading their tor version, i.e., it will be removed when relay operators upgrade to a version that no longer speaks ‘v2 onion services’.
You can read more and check the metrics about the HSDirs and v2 onion services support here (made by @HackerNCoder): Tracking HSDirs and the version of Tor they run — HackerNBlog


Awesome thank you! Would there happen to be a fork of tor where it still speaks to v2 onions while keeping benefits from newer versions form mainline?