Using Tor - initial perspective

First thing I did with Tor was to check my IP address. Well it was hidden, GREAT.

Browsing various sites that I frequently visit, noticed Tor was slower than Firefox.

(i) Went to our website, as I know the code has no php or similar, all static site built with Hugo. Firefox 1.5 seconds to load, Tor - 44 seconds

Most of the ‘waiting’ was caused by google type URI’s , so I will check the code and see if this was actually sourced by the code within the website, or it was network traffic based.

(ii) Duck duck Go search - Firefox 2 seconds to complete, Tor 8 seconds (same search criteria)

These are just first impressions, not conclusive of course.

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The Tor browser, unlike Firefox, must pass your traffic through several nodes to the destination and back.

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Hello @jehoshua7,

first of all, tor is not meant to give you fast access to the internet. Tor enables a free and uncensored internet.

When checking performance, always keep the onion circuit in mind.

Loading remote resources always takes more time. This should be avoided.

A few days ago I came across a page that simply serves html. With this example you can see that you can be fast with Tor.
Look here: https://nascosto45qzucs3anw74vipa6td2e7ryjr7k6w3klgbcjx4n4osymid.onion/


We are working on improving the performance of the Tor network. You can read about that project in Sponsor 61 - Making the Tor network faster & more reliable for users in Internet-repressive places · The Tor Project · GitLab

If you are interested in some of the metrics you were recording you can take a look at our metrics site on performance: Performance – Tor Metrics


Hi @martln,

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks, I was looking for privacy and security, it seems Tor is very good for those needs.

Being new to Tor, I have no idea what the onion circuit is. Being a gardener of sorts, onions have deep roots. I’ll read up on it. But how would one avoid remote resources ? Even if a website appears ‘local’ and the server is local (same country), it can possibly have remote resources.

I’m getting a “Server not found” on that link.

Hi @Gaba ,

Thanks for those links, very interesting. It seemed most of the ‘culprit’ pages trying to load that caused the delays were from google based sites like googlesyndication, etc. Assuming I can block those sites at a Tor level, will that help or hinder overall performance.

(Knowing that google syndication and similar sites are only ads)

There’s an extension called Decentraleyes that serves JavaScript libraries from your local machine so that your web browser doesn’t need to retrieve/access them remotely.

Though do note that adding extensions to Tor Browser isn’t recommended.

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