Using Tor Browser to watch online classes

Hey all, AaRon here. Again, probably another mundane question, so apologies again.
Can I switch all my other accounts and activities for my other MS/Ggl/Etc…search engines to TOR? I seem to be making that conclusion, however, as I’m still learning, can anyone give me 2 or 3 examples?
In other words, I am taking online classes through “Courser” and “Khan Academy.” Is it possible for me to do these classes using the TOR Browser? Also, I really dislike providing “driverless” cars’ data through the many various “CAPTCHA” images, so I have been LAZY, and simply signing in through “Glg.” Is there a way past the “CAPTCHA” images–for the love of Dog(s) & Cat(s) everywhere?
Please and thank you all,

Tor is not a search engine. Tor is a network of decentralized nodes, also know as relays. Many individuals use Tor for web browsing with Tor Browser or other browsers compatible with “tor” such as Brave (multi-platform) and Onion Browser (iOS).
But yes, you can indeed use Tor Browser for any kind of online activity (browsing websites, searching, etc).

If these classes require the use of WebRTC, such as for video conferencing, it won’t be possible to utilize it with the Tor Browser. While you can try to use it, please note that certain websites may have restrictions or negative experiences for Tor users. (See: A website I am trying to reach is blocking access over Tor. | Tor Project | Support)

Unfortunately, no. There is a discussion about implementing a token based service like Privacy Pass, but it needs more research and discussion.

edit: Sorry, I think I misunderstood your question.


But you can replace them with more privacy-friendly (and tor-friendly) alternatives. There are good replacements, at least for common stuff like search engines, email and online storage.

If your service provider uses them, you can’t avoid them. There’s probably no chance that big IT companies will remove them in the foreseeable future, but schools, libraries, small companies and the like may do if you can friendly explain privacy risks of third-party, USA-based CAPTCHAs and that tor is not evil. Especially if you can suggest viable alternatives. But I’d suggest you to get more experience and better understanding of tor before you actually contact them about this.

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Thank you, gus, for all the info., and help. I appreciate all of the feedback.

Thank you, Eldalie. I appreciate you pointing out the fact that I need more experience with TOR, this is exactly the kind of positive encouragement I need.
Thank you all,

Hey @AaRon, I reviewed again your post and my answer, and I think I misunderstood you.

Yes, you can use Tor Browser for whatever you want.
Here are some tips to stay anonymous while using Tor: Am I totally anonymous if I use Tor? | Tor Project | Support

I apologize for any confusion caused by my previous answer. :slight_smile:

Thank you, gus. This will help a lot. Little by little, with help form you all from the TOR community, I feel confident I’ll get the hang of things. It may simply take a bit of time, but this is all very interesting, if a little overwhelming at first.
Thanks again, gus,

I can’t really tell if you are sarcastic. If that’s the case, I apologize, I meant no offence. I just meant that to explain something to others one should know the topic quite well firsthand, both to address any question that may arise and to avoid making a bad impression - that in your case might also be a backlash against your goal. I do not consider not knowing a fault at all. Also, I’m not a native English speaker, so it’s possible that I didn’t convey my message as well as I thought.
If you are not sarcastic, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding - and let’s just forget it :slight_smile:

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