Using ChatGPT with Tor

When starting up Tor version 13.0.13 on Linux I get an error everytime starting up tor right after I enter a message for Chatgpt.

“Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

To correct for the error I have to select nother circuit a few times until the cloudflare verify I am human message appears.

Does this happen with anyone else.


I was not aware that you could use chatgpt anonymously.

You can try HuggingChat . If you are lucky, it will give you a prompt that you can try it as a guest, without logging in. This will allow you 5 chances to use it without an account.


You can use

and you get to use version 3.5 without logging into chargpt

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You can also use DuckDuckGo’s Chat feature as well.

I tried, it’s the same for me

About the issue

Looks like it’s caused by the server responding with 403 Forbidden which is the usual code for banned and rate-limited IPs. But sometimes the dev tools show NS_BINDING_ABORTED, while still showing the response? I don’t know how it works.


Consider as an alternative. Although it’s quite a lot more limited, e.g. you can’t have a “thread” — only one message is handled at a time.

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You can use It does have cloudflare, but it lets me through, and I’m not sure if it helps or not but highlighting and clicking while moving the mouse seems to convince it I’m not a robot? However they have GPT-4 turbo, GPT-4 and about 30-40 other models. I recommend trying Claude Opus (near gpt4 turbo quality) as gpt 4 and turbo are rate limited. Llama 3 70b is also a good option.

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GPT is text only why would anyone care if it is rate limited much less slow communications?

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Try this one:
It has Cloudflare, but it works.