Users and traffic

On my snowflake proxy i have seen in December twice the traffic i see on October and November.
Now in January i see that the traffic comes back at the October/November values.
This is caused by the number of snowflake proxies that are growing or the authorities from some countries have managed to block snowflake proxy?

This question is backed by the number of users thare are comming from Iran. ~27000 compared with ~4000 how it was back in December

But if above i see 27.000 why below i see 50.000+

Do you run a conventional bridge on the same IP, by any chance? The IP might have been blocked because of that.

What you are seeing below is probably all bridge users in Iran, which includes 10 000 obfs4 users

In case anyone is interested: I have both regular Tor node and standalone Snowflake proxy on the same IP.
I was thinking that in case censors decide to block my IP because of Tor node, then I will just shut down Snowflake proxy.
But turned out that despite such configuration, my Snowflake proxy is still used at 100% of its capacity (hitting limits because of single-threaded nature of proxy).
To be sure, I checked IP addresses of Snowflake users now and I see lots of connections from Iran.

I have only snowflakes (no conventional bridge or anything else because i’'m n00b)
And also this snowflakes are using dynamic IP that has changed at least once in this interval

@SirNeo a quick observation: if you click on ‘download csv’ on the metrics portal, you will see that the data is stuck on December 15th:

Have you tried to restart your snowflake proxy? My standalone proxy is pushing a lot of traffic (like in December).

I have restarted also mine 2d ago and i don’t see any change.
Don’t get me wrong also mine are doing a lot of traffic but not like in December