Updates, lost passwords, undeletable noscript

After the latest update (13.0) Tor Browser lost all my passwords, disabled any caching, i.e. all static elements like icons on forums has to be reloaded each time, and I’m unable to read the pages opened before (you may know that Tor resources is pretty unstable) without connecting to Tor and loading them again.

I found javascript:enabled set to true, I’m unable to save any passwords (but browser keep asking me about saving credentials), and the NoScript extension is undeletable.

What the hell are you doing, eh? Maybe next time you will move all browsing into cloud based on SalesForce, for better security for dumb users?

How dare you delete user passwords, without any instructions like “we disabled XXX, but you can re-enable it and get your passwords”, without any release notes? Why you have disabled caching? I’m not an ingoramus like much of the new Tor users, and I’m able to keep the browser profile files safe.

Why I’m can’t remove the extension NoScript? How about adding another one undeletable extension showing ads?

Hi, please follow the steps below

  1. Copy and paste: about:config into the URL bar, click “Accept the risk and continue”.
  2. Set security.nocertdb to false
  3. Restart Tor Browser
    Your passwords should be available again.

NoScript is responsible for managing the Security Settings in the browser among other things, hence an integral part of Tor Browser.

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