Update Good Bad ISPs

How can i contribute to update of this list Tor Project | Good Bad ISPs ?

In the last few month i set some email to some ISPs and i would like to add them to the list.
I have received also valuable information from here https://lowendtalk.com/discussion/185210/tor-relay-bridge#latest with ISPs that agree to host TOR (and the list is not final yet)


I have edited the page (added few entries as a test in order to see if they got approved) after this i will start the real work and add more entries and update the current ones after contacting providers)

Is this the right link or the list should be updated in another way?

Hello @SirNeo,

You can edit the content of the webpage in a fork and then create a merge request on the main repo :

Thanks for your contribution :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Yes, follow the link to register there.

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Just made a few updates…all went good and were published.
Will work now at a bigger update


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