Unable to use python+selenium+torbrowser since version 12

Hello. I am new to the forum. I ran into an issue that remains unsolved for me since version 12. I am testing my website in the tor browser on a regular basis and up to version 11.x this was not an issue. Although i had to start one instance of the tor browser manually beforehand, my selenium script for testing the website ran successfully as the python script was able to start and control the browser using the corresponding gecko driver. Unfortunately, since version 12, I was not able to start or control tor browser using selenium. Does anybody know why? The firefox version that tor browser 12 is built on still works. Whenever I want to open the browser now using my python test script, it immediately closes and complains about marionette. Any ideas what might have changed for this to not work anymore?

What can I do to report this further? This is currently a road-block for me and I am not sure if my post already is an “official bug report”. Is there anywhere else where I can submit this problem? Best regards

You should probably open an issue on GitLab if you don’t find any similar enough:

Try to be specific on what exactly you’re using and the errors you’re getting to be able to reproduce the issue: operating system, gecko driver and Tor Browser versions, and the simplest code to reproduce the error messages.

You’re most likely using Windows or MacOS, as it’s reportedly working for Linux:

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Thank you for your response. Fortunately this has been fixed. I retried it yesterday after fetching a Tor Browser update and the newest geckodriver. I do not know what fixed it but it works :slight_smile: Thank you for showing me to report bugs in the future though!