Unable to create a tor middle relay


I used to run a tor middle relay for some time.
After a break, I would like to run it again but it seems I have a problem.

I have the following message : “Your server has not managed to confirm reachability for its ORPort(s) at Relays do not publish descriptors until their ORPort and DirPort are reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address, /etc/hosts file, etc.”

The message seems to indicate that port 9001 is inaccessible, but I can telnet it without issue. I try different things without success.

How can I debug this ?

Note : I use tor with my own docker image available here : GitHub - Inglebard/dockerfiles at tor-relay

Hey! It seems that you managed to fix your relay InglebardRelay. What was the issue?


I don"t really “fix” it.
InglebardRelay(old) still keep offline and still display the message error in the log

However, If I recreate the container and i switch docker network to “host” mode, it seems to work: InglebardRelay(current)

This is really strange because in both case the docker container is accessible through port 9001.

So because one work and the other not, I suppose my ufw setup is correct and something is wrong with tor (inside docker) or docker network.

I will try to recreate a test relay with “NET_ADMIN” capability to see if it’s better.

Edit: Seems to work with a simple docker command but not in docker swarm.

I also met the same problem,. How did you solve it? Thanks!

have you allowed these ports, on your local firewall and setup router ip forwards? remember also to syncronize the time on both units