Unable to access some Spanish URLs because of geoblocking, despite a modified torrc

Hi everybody. This is the latest URL, but it’s only an example. Lots of URLs in that domain are geocached, even if the domain itself isn’t. Same thing for other similar Spanish domains.

The website requires a connection from Spain, so I have modified torrc as follows:
ExitNodes {es}
StrictNodes 1

It works (exit node is indeed in Spain), but it doesn’t seem to be enough to avoid geocaching. Check the following screen cap:

The video player is Dailymotion Video Player.

As for the Tor Browser console, here’s what it says:

Is there anything I can do? Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I assume you are in Spain.
Does it work from a regular ISP assigned IP address?
If yes then the site is blocking videos for users who come through a VPN or Tor. I tried via a VPN exiting from Spain and it’s the same.

Yes! Use your regular IP address from Spain.

Thanks @BobbyB .
Well, I am not in Spain at all. I live in France.

Currently I’m stuck: if I use my regular French IP address I’m geoblocked. But if I use Tor with a spanish exit node IP I’m geoblocked too!

I’ve also tried Psiphon, but it doesn’t work.

If I lived in Spain, with a Spanish ISP and a Spanish IP, I wouldn’t be geoblocked.

Then they test if you are through a VPN/proxy/TOR and block. I noticed that the site came through but the video was blocked.

It could just a question of licencing. They may not have athe rights to broadcast outside of Spain and they also know that people who try get around this use a VPN/proxy/TOR. They would be liable for breaking the copyright laws.

Here is a public IP service. https://ip-api.com/
Enter any IP and look near the bottom. You will see a “proxy:” value. This service treats all VPN/proxy/TOR as “yes”. Others distinguish between the three.

And bonjour de Montréal.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to that service.

Bonjour aussi ! :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m sure it’s a question of licensing. I completely understand that. They can’t broadcast outside of Spain, or they’d break the laws. I get it.

The thing is that I am Spanish. 100%. I was born there, I have a Spanish passport, etc. I only live in France. As a Spanish citizen, I believe I have the right to be informed about everything that happens in my country. It can be trivial things like sports sites, but also more important things like info sites about politics and such.

I understand the concept of geoblocking. But it’s imperfect, because the decision has been made to block based on the country where you reside, instead of blocking based on the country you belong to. It’s not their fault, it’s the law itself that’s imperfect. Expats like me deserve to have more rights instead of being 2nd class citizens of our own country!

ll those geoblocked sites could implement some nationality-based login procedure, expats like me could just enter some official credentials (passport, ID, etc.) and we would be given proper access. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, so all those geoblocked sites are forcing us to resort to “piracy” in order to access the content we should have the right to access!

Last, I’m sorry but I don’t understand the use of your link. I guess it wouldn’t help me solve my problem, right? :sweat_smile: Because that’s what matters to me: accessing information from my own country without any issues. I’m honestly open to any solution.

Thanks again for your help.

The only thing I can suggest is for a friend in Spain to set up a personal VPN using software found online. This would not get caught by geo-blocking. It would require techical knowledge.

Another solution is remote access software like TeamViewer. It’s what tech support uses to fix a computer from a remote distance. Not sure how effective it would be for streaming.

I only gave that link in support of what I was saying in my post. NO, it does not solve your problem.

I just went to that link you gave above and not all video is blocked, just some. The video for “VALENCIA BASKET-GRAN CANARIA El Gran Canaria se impone en Valencia” is not. So you can still be informed about Spain.