Umbrel Snowflake isn’t generating traffic

I’m 2021 I setup an umbrel bitcoin node, there’s an App Store where you can install various apps including Snowflake by the Tor Project and everything was working fine until around November/December last year had some problems with Umbrel in general (I have Pi-hole installed too and it stopped working for a while.)

I’m now getting zero connections and no traffic.

This is the message I get.

In the last 1h0mBs, there are 0 connections.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Would be nice to see the full log, because Umbrel appears to only show the traffic lines.

How do I find the logs?

Not familiar with Umbrel, but from this:

bash -c 'tail -n 10000 -f /snowflake/snowflake.log

It appears to store to /snowflake/snowflake.log

There is a simple python script I’ve used that displays total traffic, users, here:

Snowflake Log Parser

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