UCEProtect Blacklist - Dealing with Host

I run a series of 16 exit relays on a /24 I rent from a different provider than my hosting company.

Last Friday, I got four complaints from my host saying I was put on UCEProtect’s blacklist, and despite me having my IP blocks separate from my host, my host threatened to null route four of my IPs. I explained to them UCEProtect is not a legitimate organization and told big companies like Proofpoint, Trend Micro, and Barracuda advise against the blacklist. So far they haven’t responded or nullrouted.

However, not all of my IPs are on UCEProtect, one more did get on yesterday (which I didn’t get a complaint yet) but three remain clear. While my subnet normally uses my own /24 where I get emails directly (it has my email), UCEProtect decided to email ReliableSite instead of me.

I am worried about suspension. Yes, I am aware that Tor exit relays will get on blacklists, and that UCEProtect is a scam organization, heck even AWS was on UCEProtect’s blacklist. And I don’t even allow SMTP via my exit policy. I had to block via my exit policy.

Many other hosts, both common “exit friendly” hosts like BuyVM and others like Psychz (where I run two exits) ignore UCEProtect, but ReliableSite has a very good deal on bandwidth ($50/mo for 1 Gbps unmetered server, I have four) and also not crowded like BuyVM or Terrahost which is why I use RS.

Check this : Tor Project | Good Bad ISPs

I am using this server for 2 months and no abuses recieved yet.