Ubuntu Security update needs PC restart: What will happen with people connected through my relay?


I searched the forum and didn’t really find the answer.

I had a security update for Ubuntu which is requiring a restart. I currently have traffic going through my relay. Will the 40+ connections be routed to other relays automatically, or will their connections be completely cut when I restart the computer to apply all changes to complete the update?


in general tor will shut down gracefully once you initiate a reboot and clients will be able to finish some of their connections - afterwards they will use an other node until yours is back


I use unattended upgrades for my relays which is a recommendation from the tor-project.
In my opinion this might be a good and stable option for you (and any other relay operator).
This keeps your system and tor up to date and it doesn’t matter what kind of relay you run.

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I completely forgot that was an option! It’s been a hot minute since I did anything with Linux in general. Thanks for the reminder!

You’re welcome : )