uBlock Origin in Safest Mode

Hi, I know that this is a common discussion amongst new users of the TOR Browser, but I want to know whether there is any disadvantage to adding uBO to the TOR Browser on Windows/Android if it is set on Safest settings, so as to block any adds on websites we choose to systematically whitelist on NoScript?

Yes, it could affect your browser fingerprint and deanonymize you.

Thank you. Just to clarify though, in Safest mode most websites wouldn’t be able to detect an adblocker yes? And whitelisted domains would only be domains that I trust (such as this forum). Are there ways to deanonymize a user with an adblocker even if they use Safest settings?

Also, is there any link to updates on when uBlock Origin will be added to the TOR Browser by default?

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In Safest mode you wouldn’t even get ads served on most sites, period!

IANAE but server side they can still detect if you were sent an ad - either from their first party or in cahoots with a third party - yes, sites share data and talk about you behind your back :slight_smile:

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I am not well researched on adblocking detection against the Tor Browser, as I do not install any extensions for the various reasons provided in my above post.

Yes, JavaScript is only one attack vector. Here is a demo that is able to generate a browser fingerprint without it:

Nothing concrete, but there is a GitLab issue to keep track of its potential inclusion:


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Thank you.

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