Typo on the Help menu

Hi Gentlemen!

In the Norwegian language version of Tor Browser, it reads “Hånbok” rather than “Håndbok” for the handbook for the Tor browser on the Pull-down for the Help menu at the top.

Possibly two different places for the About-menu here, not totally sure.

That is a big and annoying error and should be fixed immediately or as soon as possible.

These menus should rather be expanded automatically in my opinion by hovering with the mouse rather than just clicking, and the line for the version being reported also should be able to copy and paste using right-clicking with the mouse.


The translation of Tor Browser and Firefox is done entirely by volunteers, and as such your feedback is better directed towards those. You can also contribute by becoming a translator yourself: Tor Project | Becoming a Tor translator

Tor Browser also inherits translations that are present in Firefox. I don’t know if this text appears in Firefox as well, but if you cannot find it in the Tor localization database, you can reach out to the Norwegian Bokmål translators for Firefox and notify them of the typo: Firefox · Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO)

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Ok, so I created a weblate account, identified the string in question and corrected it. I’m fluent in Norwegian, both Bokmål and Nynorsk, so I’m sure the string is now correct.

I didn’t have to sign a contributor agreement to do this, and I couldn’t find any info on whether the Norwegian Bokmål translations are actively maintained or not. I had editing rights without asking for it, and I’m curious to see if the change will show in the next Tor Browser version for Desktop.

Anyway, both the Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk translations are incomplete. I might contribute to Nynorsk in the future, if I can find the time; from prior experience I know translating software takes a lot of effort. (Well, if you want to do it properly and be diligent in your translations, that is. You can always reach completion in a few hours, if you don’t care about users getting confused by mistranslations and technical inaccuracies :slightly_smiling_face: ).

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