Tweaking timeouts to get a connection



  • I am using Tor 13.0.1 and whonix under QubesOS.
  • I have already asked this question in the Whonix forum at Answer was that it was not Whonix Specific and that I might have better luck here to get an answer.

Now, the problem…

Most of the time, when I try to go on a specific website, I wait 90 seconds and get a timeout:

Unable to connect.
An error occurred during a connection to [Redacted Website].

During those 90 seconds, I noticed that a new circuit was build about every 15 seconds.

My workaround is to then CTRL-SHIFT-L every 5 seconds until I get a connection to that specific website, which can sometimes take a very long time.
Looks like that specific website drops connections initiated by many of the tor exit nodes.

Consequently, which configuration(s) should I change and where to:

  • have a timout after, say, 900 seconds (instead of 90 seconds)?
  • have the browser trying a new circuit to my specific website every 5 seconds (instead of every 15 seconds)?

I understand those configuration changes would imitate me hitting CTRL-SHIFT-L every 5 seconds until success.

Obviously, if you have a better actionable solution than those configuration changes, I’m all ears!


Anyone on this?


  • How to extend the time before the tor browser says it is unable to connect to a website?


  • How to faster switch from circuit to circuit to try to connect to a website?