Trouble login in

I use Tor Browser to access, because it blocked by Indonesia government.

I try to login to, input correct user name & Password, but it only showing circle, rounding forever.

I remember this happened long time ago, because old FireFox browser can not connect with Google Captcha.

How to solve this using Tor 11.0.13 ?

My OS:
windows 7
Tor Browser 11.0.13
Standard Security Level

Maybe is blocking Tor somehow for accessing login? Can you send them a mail and check with them?

I also found problem contacting myfxbook support.

I just try to contact using ‘Contact Form’, after press ‘Submit’ button, the result is same. it’s just freeze.

If blocking Tor server, is it any other solution? such as manually changing Tor server?

Try a new circuit to see if that works but the best way would be not to use any of those forms and look for an email that you can contact from your email client.

Is this not simply a case of third party login flows being isolated with FPI (first party isolation)? I mean fbnet (or whatever the domain is for facebook authentication) is not the same eTLD+1 as myfxbook

Thanks guys for answer. But I still can not found direct contact email address.

Also I dont know how to change circuit, and thorin, I dont login myfxbook using facebook.

I think I’ll try to using other browser with separate VPN software.

I dont know how to change circuit

click the padlock in the urlbar … New Circuit for this Site

I dont login myfxbook using facebook

Ah, OK, I see. You can login without using google/facebook options. I tested with a dummy email/password and it looks first party. My bad :slight_smile:

Finally I found solution in myfxbook access.
I use ‘android FireFox 68.11’ (last old version compatible with Android 4 kitkat) and android ‘VPN Proxy Master Lite’ (US Washington server)… it works very good.
but anyway, I still prefer PC Browser.

So, why myfxbook rejecting Tor Browser from accessing it?..
What code inside Tor server?..
Is it possible in next version, Tor Browser compatible with most website (including this myfxbook)? Because I like Firefox (compared than Opera, Chrome and else)…

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