Trouble logging into Twitter's onion service

Hi, Twitter doesn’t allow Sign in and even visiting it with Tor since 2 days ago, Do something about it


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@Mask I have seen some users logging in and tweeting via the onion service and maybe this is an intermittent issue. Anyways, I would encourage you to report this to Twitter Support.


Working perfectly fine for me with Tor Browser 11.0.7 for desktop and Orbot iOS. Seems like the issue is on your end. Just in case: you need to set your security level to standard or safer (not safest) because of Twitter’s dependency on javascript.

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yep, I’ve been using onion twitter without problems, tor browser 11.0.7 on standard security level, on a Debian Stable Machine.

When I cannot log in to Twitter how can I report this issue?, I am using Tor since 2009 and I had no problem with Twitter and… till last week, I have the lastest version of Tor for desktop, there is no problem wihen I want to visit Twitter with VPN (not Tor) also doesn’t log into Twitter! this is making me crazy! I live in Iran and the only proxy site I ended up with is the one I mentioned which is almost good for nothing! (doesn’t open YouTube & Twitter, wait it does let you see the exterior of those sites but won’t let you in!)