Torrified Windows

Hi there!
Is there any plan to popularize Tor among Windows users offering them a software for torrifying all the Internet traffic instead of web browsing experience only? I mean something like old good discontinued Vidalia I use till today today with Proxifier?
Of course I know one can run TB every time, configure all the programs to use socks5 with 9150 proxy but believe me - nobody, instead of privacy/anonymity paranoiacs or IT security fans, would learn how to do that.
Let’s see how VPNs do it - they offer a client’s software to install and make all the Windows’ traffic VPNed, so people do not bother learning how to configure etc. I have nothing against commercial VPNs but they are always a competitors of free of charge Tor (even if they offer VPN->Tor connections)
I understand that your “product” is TorBrowser but maybe it’s worth considering?
Plus Vidalia had easy Tor relay/exit settings to click and done which may be a hint to increase Tor nodes numbers to make Tor more popular among normal users.

Not sure how useful that would be for the average user and if the network could even handle the additional load if this turns out to be popular. If I need that level of privacy, I boot up a VM with Tails Linux.

While tor has gotten faster over the years, I wouldn’t want all of my usual traffic running over it. Some stuff just won’t work (any popular video streaming service, any kind of gaming), for others it’s still a lot slower and/or just not necessary (e.g. Steam Downloads, Windows Update, Corporate access etc.). In my opinion this can lead to a poor user experience and potentially a lot of additional traffic for the tor network.

So is it not desirable to increase number of Tor ‘normal’ users because of limited number or relays/nodes and more users = slower Tor?
What about a TBB bundle that you have a choice to install a browser only or a browser + Tor client configurable to torrify important/sensitive apps like e-mail clients, messengers etc and set default to non-exit Tor-relay node? Wouldn’t be helpful to increase amount of relays and speed of Tor then?
All the best