Torify problem in applications launch

Hello everybody, i’m trying to use torify command on my linux shell but i have some problems.
If i try the simple command torify curl 2> /dev/null it works correctly because i receve in output the IP torified, but if i try to run an applications whit torify like(just for do an example) google-chrome-stable it will crash.
I tried this commands:

  1. google-chrome-stable Works
  2. torify google-chrome-stable Not Works
  3. torify google-chrome-stable 2> /dev/null Not Works

I saw that this error is really commun but i never found a solution, thanks for your help <3

guess torify/torsocks won’t work here - you can try starting chrome via command-line with this argument (adapt port to your port (9050/9051)


but keep in mind a lot can leak from chrome because the socks-proxy isn’t forced properly for everything afaik

so better use TB

Thanks for the response but i want to understand if is possible to run every application whit tor tunneling, so if i want to run some else application like(just for do a different example) Signal on a normal case i just run signal-desktop on shell but if i use torify signal-desktop i have a trace/breakpoint error.

So, it is possible?
Or torify is limited to a little bit commands? In this case, what is the commands usable?

Else if it is possible, how can i use correctly torify for every application and/or commands?

Thanks for your assistance.

here is an old article about compatible applications:

you have to do research on your own for every app - for signal, this may be a start [Electron] Add SOCKS proxy support · Issue #1430 · signalapp/Signal-Desktop · GitHub

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