Torbrowser-launcher: error: unrecognized arguments: --allow-remote

Regards. I used to use the allow-remote argument to be able to open links from external apps, however it seems that the tor browser has no longer allows it (see error in title).

Have they really disabled it completely, is it a bug, or has it just changed somehow?

I’m using flatpak, in case it matters.

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TPO doesn’t offer the TB as a flatpak, at least officially, if you read the description of the package on flathub you will be able to tell that it has been packaged by someone else.

You are using it at your own risk. Please consider using the official release from the Tor Project.

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I know it’s being packaged by flathub and it’s not official yet (devs are planning it), but anyway it’s a good place to find tor users and ask about it.

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