Torbrowser & Googlesafebrowsing

Tor by default uses safebrowsingmode set to always active.
In about:config searching for “google” or “safebrowsing” shows some google domains.
I don’t care who you are or what you do and whatever reason you will bring forward, when your service connects to google you have no right to describe your product with the term privacy.
Does torbrowser use googlesafebrowsing?

As the librewolf doc’s say, Frequently Asked Questions – LibreWolf
“We disable Safe Browsing as we consider it a censorship concern, and we would rather not let Google control another aspect of the internet.”

In about:config

In Tor, mine show false
So it is not on by default

TB does not use any safebrowsing - it ships without any and doesn’t connect to get any local files, nor run realtime binary checks

@Pierov might be able to add some more context - such as why we don’t (I don’t think it had anything to do with censorship - the service is used by 3 billion devices, google wouldn’t poison it like that) - AFAIK it is because we don’t want any outbound connections on a regular basis

Yes, that’s it.
It’s been like that forever: The Design and Implementation of the Tor Browser [DRAFT].


Will someone explain to me what these connections are?

Source: Tor Browser Bundle — Spyware Watchdog is our update server.
If you want to get automatic updates you need to ping it every now and then and query for new updates.
The other ones are Moz remote settings. Your source is using a 2 year old version, but we’ve patched them and now there shouldn’t be any remote settings query.

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