Tor vs Tm: How to beat censorship

Why does TOR bypass blocking in China, but cannot bypass in tm?

There is an explanation on one of the Turkmenistan threads. TM has blocked vast ranges of IP addresses and almost all ports.

I can think of an answer by using a bit of conspiracy like thinking. TM wants to just block. CN wants to know who and allows it. Hmmmm I see black SUVs in the future of the “who”. This is a good place to put a smiley :slight_smile:

Vanilla bridges ping, but for some reason there is no connection.

I’m not sure I understand the reply. I was stating a conspiracy theory reason as to why you can bypass Tor in CN but not in TM. We know (or think we know) that in CN the state wants to know everything about everyone.

There was no intent to explain why you cannot in TM

It’s because vanilla bridges are still recognized by the Tor TLS. And it’s seems that’s how they are blocking tor.

Here is a good article explaining the censorship in Turkmenistan


Informative link. Seems my conspiracy theory is not a conspiracy in TM. I was speculating about CN wanting to know “who” and how to do it. TM has that down pat.

Regarding censorship in China, I recommend reading this book (there is a presentation on YouTube too).

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Seems I was kinda right about CN wanting to know the “who” especially since they are small in numbers compared to those who do not know how to circumvent plus those who find it too much of a pain to circumvent.

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