Tor uses an ugly cursor and I can't make it use the system cursor

Ever since v11.5.7 came the browser started using some black and white ugly cursor and IDK how to force it to use the system cursor. I deleted everything that was a cursor theme in /usr/share/icons and left only the cursor that I want but it keeps using something different.

How do I force it to use the system cursor?

Right now (after deleting the unwanted cursor themes) the cursor looks like this in Tor Browser:

You can’t and aren’t supposed to change it otherwise you would stand out. Tor is about privacy rather than style

That’s taking privacy a little too far. It reminds me A LOT of Microsoft’s behavior, imposing things the user doesn’t like or doesn’t want.

Its not the case of imposing unwanted stuff for their own benefit but rather for yours. Tor is all about privacy so you must expect some interface changes otherwise it wouldn’t be doing its job, its one minor dislike for many major improvements

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