Tor tunneling over other protocols

Is it possible to tunnel Tor in ICMP, HTTPS, DNS or SSH protocols so as not to be detected by censorship devices?

Thank you.

Hello HC,

tunnel bridges operator, provider here.
Im serving https + I did http(s) v1/2/3 tests as well.
I use + my clients, every day, great performance on Hetzner machines :heart_eyes:

Edited/note: Server with latest compiled nginx version.


Thank you so much for your reply.
Is this for public use? If not, can you teach me how to do it?
I don’t want to start a Tor bridge. I just want to make Tor able to connect to its network.

Hello HC,

Edit: If you use NGINX, I can send config or navigate how ^
Edit2: Manual above is for older versions of NGINX, the mainline version of NGINX is diff!

I’ll PM you (idk how much is forum safe) with one of my tunnels, you can try in practice, OK?

That means TB > settings > connection > bridges > Add a Bridge Manually ^^

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When using the WebTunnel bridge, is the Tor treated like an HTTPS connection? Does that mean censorship devices recognize Tor as an HTTPS connection?

Thank you.

Hello HC,

Pluggable Transport based on HTTP Upgrade(HTTPT).
WebTunnel is pluggable transport that attempt to imitate web browsing activities based on HTTPT.

Some public steps/infos there as well ^^ + see PM mainline version of NGINX conf steps etc.