[tor-relays] Tor exit Spain

Hello Paul,
I’ve run exit relays for 15-years. I put the first relay into Albania and followed with the first exit relay in Albania. I lost my two Albanian relays when the Ukraine conflict started. I currently have relays in Moldova (2), Romania, Finland (2), Chile, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria. Most are smaller than your server w/Consensus Weight around 8000. Further, I operate bridges in Kazahkstan (3), Finland and Albania. I would like to know a bit more before offering to take your server. Do you have good relationship with IONOS SE? What is physical machine compliment? etc.?

I operate out of Seattle Washington and have good communications with the Tor office here. I am retired electrical engineer with time to help Tor and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Hope you find a good operator for your primo relay. I can be contacted directly at potlatch@proton.me

Stay safe always,


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