[tor-relays] Thoughts about potentially abusive config option for exit nodes

I did not manage to find anywhere on the new website the current config options of the torrc. So I ask the question here, although it may be already outdated.

This is the third time I have had contact with the police about Exits Relays. That's why it occurred to me that someone might be acting targeted, because I run more than one node.
Looking for configurations that allow dedicated IP addresses, I found the torrc-config option 'StrictNodes 1' in conjunction with 'ExitNodes [IP/Nickname/Key]' on the web. There were also hints that something had been changed before, but I tried it on a local installation. The goal was to use a specific exit address.

StrictNodes 1

First I had a typo and the Tor service did not start. After the correction it worked and I got into the network. The conclusion remained that Tor accepts these configuration lines.

The problem with this is, should this config line really allow a dedicated exit as the sole exit point into the network, the operator of that exit could be targeted and harmed with illegal traffic. In Metrics it is easy to show whole Tor families that always belong to a single operator.

It would be nice if the developers remove the possibility to specify a dedicated IP address/nickname/key, if not already done.
The config option 'Exitnodes {COUNTRY_CODE}' should remain though.

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