[tor-relays] relayor v21.2.0-rc is released: prometheus exporter support


relayor v21.2.0-rc is released.

relayor is an ansible role that helps you with running tor relays with minimal effort (automate everything).

NOTE: This release contains a backwards incompatible change,
if you upgrade from an older release please read the upgrade guide
before upgrading.

This version of relayor uses MetricsPort (when enabled) via TCP on
This is less safe then using unix sockets because all processes on the system get access to tor's prometheus metrics
since there is no authentication supported.
When MetricsPort gets unix socket support, relayor will switch to that safer option.

Changes since relayor v21.1.0:

* major new features:
   * add support for tor's prometheus exporter (MetricsPort)
     * this is a relayor beta feature requiring tor >= #217
     * generates prometheus scrape, nginx reverse and htpasswd config files
        on the control node for easy copy paste into your prometheus/nginx configuration
     * every tor instance gets an id label (IPv4_ORPort)
   * support arbitrary torrc options #192
* fix broken debian tag - reported by @jn9999 #224
* fix broken link - PR by @jn9999 #223
   * make clear that we do not remove previously managed tor instances on config change - reported by @tsekityam
   * update OfflineMasterKeys link
* make apt update_cache configurable
* drop support for Debian 9
* increase min. ansible version 2.9.23 -> 2.9.27

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