[tor-relays] PSA: Tor 0.4.7 reaches end of life (EOL) on 2024-01-31


In case it affects you as you are still running your relay or bridge on Tor 0.4.7.x: the 0.4.7 series is going EOL on *2024-01-31* (roughly in 2 weeks from now).

That's currently still 1346 relays, which means roughly 15% of the advertised bandwidth of the network (and 964 bridges, which means roughly 45% of the advertised bridges bandwidth).

Please make sure you have upgraded to the 0.4.8.x series by then.

Supported releases in general can be found on the network team wiki.[1]


[1] CoreTorReleases · Wiki · The Tor Project / Core / Team · GitLab