[tor-relays] Please update your Snowflake proxy


If you're running Snowflake proxies, please read and share the message below.

Thank you!


Please Update your Snowflake Proxy to help us rollout Distributed
Snowflake Server Support

At Tor, we are constantly trying to improve Snowflake to make it
accessible to more people. This means we are currently working on
enabling horizontal scaling of Snowflake to distribute the traffic to
more than one server. After this update is roll outed, users will be
able to choose one of the secondary snowflake servers as the connection
target and reduce the traffic load on the default server.

However, this change requires an updated version of the snowflake to be
rolled out. This means this change is not live until enough proxies are
updated to the most recent version and after we start to reject the
previous version of snowflake proxies.

For this reason, we would like to request you to update the version of
your snowflake proxy, if you haven’t done that yet.

Here are some guides on how to check the version and/or update the most
recent version of snowflake:

### WebExtension on Firefox

To check the version:

go to about:addons.

Click the 3 dot symbol on the right of Snowflake, and then select

you will be able to check the version of Snowflake. It should be 0.6.1.

To update:

Click the gear symbol on the top of the page, and then select check for

### WebExtension on Chrome

To check the version:

go to chrome://extensions/?id=mafpmfcccpbjnhfhjnllmmalhifmlcie, and you
will see the option to update the snowflake WebExtension. It should be

To update:

go to chrome://extensions/ turn on developer mode and then select

### Standalone with Docker

To check the version:

docker run thetorproject/snowflake-proxy -v

should include “-allowed-relay-hostname-pattern” in the output.

To update:

docker pull thetorproject/snowflake-proxy

### Standalone with Go Toolchain

To check the version:

proxy -v

should include “-allowed-relay-hostname-pattern” in the output.

To update:

go install
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