[tor-relays] My Tor Bridge has no advertised bandwidth? (0 B/s) (obfs4)

My tor bridge (obfs4proxy) has no bandwidth, and when I try to change my email address for /etc/tor/torrc, I don’t see it change. Or my nickname, do I have to wait to see those changes? I can connect to tcp port fine (TCP port is reachable!) with the reachability test.

Log notice file /var/log/syslog
DataDirectory /var/tor/torrc

BridgeRelay 1
ORPort 1024 IPv4Only
ServerTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4
ExtORPort auto
ContactInfo no@email.org
Nickname PickANickname

tor on linux


Am I supposed to have bridge distribution for /etc/tor/torrc because I didn’t see that in the tutorial. So there is none.

Also, in the comments, it says TODO1 must be different than TODO2, right? It can’t be the same as ORPort?

Thanks for reading

Nevermind I solved it,

I used to have
“ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4 (MyPublicIPv4Address):1024”

Now, I switched it to
“ServerTransportListenAddr obfs4”
and it works

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