[tor-relays] missing IPv6 close events

Playing with Python and Stem I wrote a script to monitor the
ORStatus.CLOSED event reasons [1]. A helper script [2] gives statistics
from those data.

From the last 2 days I got:

$> orstatus-stats.sh /tmp/orstatus.29051 CONNECTRESET
   13214 DONE
   18769 IOERROR
      58 NOROUTE
    1661 TIMEOUT
    2562 TLS_ERROR

I was wondering if it is expected that DONE is just a 1/4 of all reasons.

And I do wonder why all events are IPv4 only.

[1] torutils/orstatus.py at main · toralf/torutils · GitHub
[2] torutils/orstatus-stats.sh at main · toralf/torutils · GitHub


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