[tor-relays] How useful are bridges on ports other than 80 and 443

Unfortunately I've had to shut down my home based tor relay because my wife's employer is mis-categorising it as an exit node, instead of the middle/guard that it really is. So, until she retires, in a few months, that relay will now be silent after about 5-years running (all of which her having the same employer. Go figure).

So, I thought in the meantime I'd run a couple of tor bridges, as my IP should now be clear of any published tor node lists.

But I do need to leave ports 80 and 443 open for "normal" HTTP(S) traffic, which I know are the recommended bridge ports as they raise the least suspicion.

Are there any other ports that folks might suggest I use that would get enough traffic and not be blocked by a simple firewall. I also run an internal mail server, so all those ports are off limits as well.



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