[tor-relays] D5A3882CBDBE4CAD2F9DDA2AB80FE761BEDC3F11 is spoofing my contact info

This is _not_ my relay:



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This is _not_ my relay:

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thanks for confirming

I liked how the failed AROI verification flagged that relay already :slight_smile:

D5A3882CBDBE4CAD2F9DDA2AB80FE761BEDC3F11.for-privacy.net failed DNS verification (missing DNS TXT record)

This view makes it nicely visible:

- the only OVH relay
- no AROI checkmark
- MyFamily mismatch

I was thinking of an addition to OrNetStats' AROI checker that automatically sends an operator
an email when an AROI verification fails on one of their relays,
but I didn't want to give bad guys the ability to spam relay operators
and I'm regularly reaching out to operators with relays that fail the AROI verification anyway.

Watch out for more false friends.

kind regards,


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This is _not_ my relay:

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Tor Relays :: ForPrivacyNET

Thanks for the report, marked for rejection. Once a majority of directory authorities has picked that up (probably in the next couple of hours) the relay will be out of the consensus.