[tor-relays] Connection burst

Hi everybody

Just to let you know.

Yesterday between 21:26 and 21:31 utc the relay
03C3069E814E296EB18776EB61B1ECB754ED89FE (Tor, LibreSSL
3.4.2) received a connection burst of 2k+ source addresses out of 174
/8 ip4 nets (1-223/8).

They were kicked off by the packetfilter because the max
conn per ip rate was above my applied max threshold. The notice level
DoS mitigation entry remained untouched while sitting behind the pf.



Cheers Felix

IMO it is a bad idea to filter Tor traffic.


On 3/20/22 17:14, Felix wrote:

They were kicked off by the packetfilter

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