[tor-relays] Closing tor-relays-fr mailing list

Hi all here,

Many of us, French relay operators and Tor volunteers, thought it would be useful to restart the tor-relays-fr list, to discuss Tor relays in French.

Having lost access to the original list created in 2012, we asked The Tor Project to create a new one. Arma was kind enough to respond, and despite his questions about the relevance of such a list, agreed to play along.

This new tor-relays list was created on 9/22/2020. Thank you Tor Project!


But... after over two years of existence, this list is clearly not very active. Probably because most people running Tor relays are fluent enough in English to discuss directly on... tor-relays.

So we announce the closing of this list at the end of this year 2022, and we invite interested people to use on tor-relays (in English) !

It's here:
     tor-relays Info Page
     Relay Operator - Tor Project Forum

And it's still possible to ask questions in French on the official Tor project forum:
     In your language - Tor Project Forum

Good luck to everyone, and keep supporting the Tor project!

Issue running here: