[tor-relays] Bridge distribution mechanism thoughts

I have a few questions,

I have two obfs4 bridges updated with sw, one old since a few years and the other very new.

The older one I now notice all of a sudden have gotten distribution mechanisms ‘none’. It had ‘moat’ earlier, what would make it change like this? It usually has between 50-100 users according to metrics page.

The new bridge should be somewhat not/little used for some time according to lifecycle info on relays found online. I do however wonder if I should expect to see some users after 16 days?

Another wonder about the new bridge is yet again distribution mechanism, it has ‘email’, is that really much used? Generally speaking I want my time and money to get the most use possible of course. How much use does the ‘telegram’ mechanism get?

Maybe someone can give some comments before I (possibly) change it manually on either of those bridges.

A tor op