Tor Relay vs Bridge RaspberryPi

Hello, I am running a tor relay on a raspberry pi. I would like an opinion about sth.

I have noticed that my relay works hard for some days , the bandwidth spikes, the RAM and CPU get almost full % usage, the temperature rises, fan has to work and then after some days… it all stops for some reason, the bandwidth is almost 0% used, my relay says it is disabled on and I have to restart the service to show on the relay search utility and then after it builds some uptime it works hard for some days and the cycle continues…

So i was thinking if I can only offer max 1.08 MiB/s bandwidth should I consider running a bridge instead?

A hypothesis to investigate: Check your Tor logs and look for lines indicating that your relay is getting overloaded. Perhaps your relay is being DDoS’d, which suddenly crashes your Tor process.