Tor relay or WebTunnel?

I apologize if this subject has been discussed. I tried looking around the forum but could not find anything. I might just be bad at looking\searching though.


I have a 1gbit up/down connection and hardware good enough to use it fully (in regards to the number of possible connections), and since I hardly use maybe only 5-10% of it I want to donate these resources to the Tor project.

I would like to focus my efforts in providing access to those who are most affected by censorship which is why I am leaning towards hosting a WebTunnel bridge at the moment.

However I also appreciate that the bridge is of less use if the health of the tor network itself is not great (and by “health” I mean specifically the number of “good” relays vs. relays controlled by bad actors)

As far as I understand the priority is:

  • exit relay (if you can, which I can’t)
  • guard\middle relay
  • bridge

Does this priority list account for the new WebTunnel bridge as well, or could adding a WebTunnel be considered more “valuable” than adding another relay (currently of course, I’m not trying to predict the future health of the tor network)

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I’d say it is more valuable to run a WebTunnel at the moment, there are plenty of relays and since you can’t help with an exit relay, I believe setting up a bridge is the best option.

Have a look at available relays and bridges, if you look closely, there’s been a sudden drop of bridges, which is even more visible if you check bridges by IP version.

If you can, configure your bridge to use IPv6 as well.