Tor relay can't find IPv4 Adress

Hey all over there !

Since a couple of days 2 of my 4 relays are down - i get this message in NYX:

Unable to find IPv4 address for ORPort 9001. You might want to specify IPv6Only to it or set an explicit address or set Address.

What do you think is the problem ? I never changed anything at this Servers and the torrc is the same like all other relays i have.
I wrote to the Support for Hetzner - they didn’t make anything and told me this is a Problem of my site. Do you have an Idea what goes wrong ?

TiA and many greetings


Hello @SteveHH ,

I have seen that you have also written an answer on the subject “What is still blocking my IP address?” blocked my IP from my Server - i don’t know why …

Can you send your hashed fingerprint so we can look your relays please ? It could be either a configuration issue or your ISP.


I have the same problem, for some reason. Back in the bad old days (before Vidalia) when I was running a Tor exit node, I didn’t have that problem.

Anyway, just add:

… where the x’s are your public IP address, to your torrc file.