Tor Relay Bridge

New to this but I am running a relay bridge (Tor on Linux) & I can find my relay online, so it appears to be working. But when I find it, it lists my Host Name from my ISP, along with my AS Number and AS Name.

Should this be displayed online & is an entry I can make in torrc file to prevent this from being displayed?

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I can find my relay online

Do you mean with Relay Search?

it lists my Host Name from my ISP

Did you checked that your torrc contains BridgeRelay 1 line?

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This is part of the design and is a normal behavior.
If you don’t want this information to be public you need to run an TOR obfs4 bridge instead of TOR relay. It is nothing to modify in torrc in order to run relay but with IP+asn hiden

Are you trying to run a relay and a bridge with the same torrc configuration?

Sorry, I am following the steps outlined in Tor Project | Debian / Ubuntu and on a previous bridge relay that I ran in the spring, none of this info was displayed.

obfs4proxy is installed & I did make an edit to the “BridgeRelay 1” line, which I hadn’t done before.

So I ended up wiping my device, re-installing Ubuntu Server & following the guide. Things I did in the 1st place -BUT- things are now working as they should be!

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