Tor Relay Aggregation

why isn’t there an option on the metrics page to group tor relays by country/server location?

But there is. Use in the search code specific codes like

country:countrycode ex:
country:de → and see all relays from Germany

or as:number or as:ASnumber to search a specific provider

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my bad didn’t realize that, but I wish they would include it into the metrics, kinda annoying having to guess which countries. For a privacy/anonymity project being able to see which countries are hosting what percentage of relays is a no brainer.


Just to be sure, where you need to guess the country?

On the metrics page the flag is displayed when you do a search, for ex, by IP range and have a list of a few relays or when you’re on a relay page, you have too the country.

Or maybe you talk about another page?

The Tor Metrics website does offer some options to explore and analyze data about the Tor network.

If you visit the website Relay Search, you will find different aggregated results:

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Yep that is exactly what I wanted thanks.
I find it interesting that America has the highest consensus weights when the country is notoriously anti-privacy and the fact that Germany has 200 more relays and an extra 5000 MiB/s. Is there any documentation on how the directory authorities assign consensus weight apart from available bandwidth?

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