Tor protocol ( client ) I’m reading the documentation:

I’m trying to connect to the tor. I’m trying to do it over the bridge ( none). I did not find documentation on how to communicate with the bridge, so I decided that it was no different from a relay. I have created a tls connection. and I’m trying to exchange versions ( but not successfully )

value | size (byte) | type
0 | 2 | CircID
7 | 1 | Command
1 | 2 | Length
3 | 1 | Version

I’ll ask you one more question right away. I saw the mention of ed25519, but which implementation do you use to perform the check? during the check, you need to (example) 2^255 -19. how to use it?

Please, what shall be achieved:
I) to set up a Tor client using bridge to connect to the Tor network
II) the develop your own Tor client software (the one more question right away could indicate that)

I want to develop my own tor client