[tor-project] UX team monthly meeting notes - March 22nd

Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who made it to today's UX Team meeting!
We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next week.

Here are the minutes:

Also, find below the minutes for all meetings in the previous weeks.

== User Experience Team Meeting ==

UX Team meetings happen every Tuesday at 1700 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC.

Here are the logs from our meeting on March 1st:

Here are the logs from our meeting on March 8th:

Here are the logs from our last meeting on March 15th:

== Useful links ==

About the UX Team:

UX repository:

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Tuesday March 22nd 17:00 UTC

== What projects are we working on? ==

S9 - Usability and Community Intervention on Support for Democracy and Human Rights

S30 - Empowering Communities in the Global South to Bypass Censorship

S96 – Rapid Expansion of Access to the Uncensored Internet through Tor in China, Hong Kong, & Tibet

S101 - Tor VPN Client for Android

S123 - Tor Secure Access Package for USAGM

== Announcements ==

Tor Browser 11.0.9 for desktop:

== Agenda ==

Evergreen items:

1. Announcements :mega:
2. Weekly planning :date:
3. Check-in with user support :speech_balloon:

Discussion items for this week only:

4. <add your item here!>

== Weekly planning ==

Note: Please highlight anything you'd like to discuss below in **bold**


Last week (actual):
    - AFK on Monday
    - Supported dev work on about:rulesets (HTTPS-E deprecation) in tor-browser#40458
    - Continued testing the most recent about:preferences#connection build in tor-browser#40774
    - Started iterating on the design of about:preferences#connection in tor-browser#40782

This week (planned):
    - Finish next iteration of about:preferences#connection in tor-browser#40782
    - Start and finish design QA of current torconenct build in tor-browser#40773
    - Send a reminder about the tor-qa survey; potentially close it soon

Near future (backlog):
    - Start work on additional designs for S96 (torconnect)
    - Would like to take a look at the telegram bot's UX for S125, time-permitting
    - S101 continuation


Last week (actual):
    - started s30 trainings and collected feedback
    - coordinating activities with s30 partners
    - scheduled s9 interviews: for this week and next week
    - recruiting users for s101 interviews
    - created a survey for s30 feedback collection

This week (planned):
    - s30 trainings and feedback on tuesday, thursday and saturday
    - start scheduling usability testing/interview for s30
    - card sorting (features survey) planning for s101
    - interviews planning for 101
    - s9 interview on thursday
    - schedule more s9 interviews
    - meet with user research volunteer on thursday
    - reading list: Measuring accessibility of popular websites while using Tor https://repository.tudelft.nl/islandora/object/uuid%3Ae9ead224-e7eb-46df-b948-098faebbf87c


Last week (actual):
    - Developed and finished assets for mystery swag bag campaign
    Sign in · GitLab
    - Developed ruleset concepts and sketches (this part of the project has since been paused so work won’t continue at this time)
    - Worked on bridge illustrations, waiting for review
    Make BridgeDB's web interface look like torproject.org (#34322) · Issues · The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / BridgeDB · GitLab
    - Sent out nah's limesurvey for sticker poll
    - Worked on creative applications for comms 22 art direction
    - Started moodboarding process for Annual Report art direction

This week (planned):
    - Start hi-fi design for USAGM landing page
    - Continue moodboarding for Annual Report
    - Continue creative applications for comms 22 art direction

Imauri - Can assist in research scoping, planning, execution.

Last week:
    - Would like to assist in tactical research efforts for any of the following projects:
    - O2.0
    - Telegram Bridge Bot
    - community.torproject.org usability aduit
    - torproject.org usability audit

This week:
    Meeting with Nah & Duncan this Thrusday (3/24) to assign and prioritize research


   ref. Check-in with User Support
   - contd. user reports of Tor Browser crashing on launch (#40212) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / fenix · GitLab
   - summary of the bug: Tor Browser crashing on launch (#40212) · Issues · The Tor Project / Applications / fenix · GitLab (tl;dr blocked until TBA 11.0.10 release)
   updates for users: New Release: Tor Browser 11.0.8 (Android) - #3 by championquizzer

== Open Call for User Research ==

Find out how to contribute to the UX team:

Thanks everyone!


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